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Elliott Aubrey Glennan was born Oct. 28, 2008

Stuart Glennan married Leslie Anne Stockton on 6/3/2006

Martha Glennan passed away Jan. 21, 2008

Ted Bowie passed away Nov 6, 2007

Ashleigh McDougal married Chase Carlson in Maryland October 5, 2007

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We have a new Adams!  Stuart Glennan and his wife Lesley Stockton gave birth to Elliott Aubrey Glennan on October 29, 2008!  Here are lots of pictures of the adorable boy and his family. 

Farewell to Martha Glennan.  Martha passed away at home on January 21, 2008.  After a lifetime of battling with a positive spirit for the rights of the disabled, she is now reunited with her bellowed Tom in heaven. 

Thanksgiving pictures posted from Lynne and Mike’s!  Please let me know if you want prints, or just order them here.

We didn’t go ‘round the tables giving our updates, so please consider posting your update here:  just click on “write a message” and tell us your news.

Ed Adams and his wife Patricia hosted the Texas clan for Thanksgiving, and we already have pictures!  See daughters Stacy and husband Mike, Kelly and husband Ken, and Frances, and granddaughter Alex (daughter of Amy, who had to work that day as an emergency RN).

Wonderful new pictures of the Genova family!  See Noel Jennings Genova and her family on vacation in Wales.

Sarah Porter day was outstanding!  See who was there, and check back later for pictures.  Many thanks to the McDougals for hosting us once again.  I can attest that the pumpkin pie was as good the next day as it was on Thanksgiving!

Farewell to Ted Bowie.  Ted passed away today, November 6, 2007.  He was 83. 

We had a nice visit with Darcy and Tess, daughters of Donna’s cousin Bruce and Frazier while in DC   We also have pictures of all four of my brother’s kids.  If you are family and want me to email them to you, write me.

Lynne and Mike’s daughter Ashleigh became Mrs. Chase Carlson on Friday, October 5 in DC.  Lots of Adams family members were there – see them all in these pictures.

Thanksgiving Album:  Pictures from every celebration from 2000-2005 are displayed in a fast-loading gallery form.  Don’t miss this.


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