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Roger’s 30th Birthday Surprise - Red Herring article

Trivia about the team (Word Document)

Wall Street Journal Article:  Donna Lachance, Bonnie Bertram and David Osterweil all landed unexpectedly at

AJC article about Donna

Cofounder Jenn Bonnett in People Magazine

How to Goof off at your next meeting - Fortune article


Weird, Wacky, and ....

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Tourhead head shots from 2000

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defunct late '90s, early '00s dot com. located in the VA Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, the employees were more known for their hackey sack abilities than dot com process.

Photo Albums
BC's wedding
Asher Lanzone
Pink Slip Party at Julianna’s
Sales Awards Dinner
Company-wide trivia
Holiday party in Atlanta
Halloween Costume competition
Being photographed for Fortune article
Adam's baby shower