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Jokes we got in email– Workplace humor, computer age humor, trivia and ponderables, just plain funny.   The consultant jokes are the most-linked item on the site, so check them out.

Dad's Joke of the Day - My father sends out a joke via email every day.  They are posted here, most recent on top.

Funny Pictures – Gallery with lots of funny signs, cute animals and jokes.

Puzzles and Brain-teasers

SAT question of the day   Keep your brain sharp at any age.

Optical Illusions  Can you figure these out?

Wacky Wordies breakfast cereals. Movies, lots more

Easter Eggs   Hidden surprises in software, movies, etc.

Cool illusions  Check it out if you have broadband.

What's wrong with this picture?  Look closely.  Give it time. 

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Lateral Thinking Puzzles  From those books by author Paul Sloane.  

More Classic Lateral Thinking puzzles  Hosted by Paul Sloane, you can post and solve your own puzzles with people from around the world. 

More Lateral Puzzles from Brain Food

Holidays and Events

Xmas links – Fun downloads

Halloween – What we learn from horror movies

April Fools – Top 100 April Fools jokes of all time

July 4 – Make your own cool fireworks display

Election 2000 – Funnies from the presidential race that just wouldn’t end

Old Hotsites- These date back to 1997 when we first launched the site.  They are oldies but goodies

Magic Card Trick – Can you figure out how it works?

The End of the Internet – you probably thought it was impossible, but we found it!

FunZone Sign up to get a new brainteaser in your mailbox each day.

Cool new technology!  Take your own picture online with this new webcam (Thanks, Ruthie, for finding this)

Tasty Insect Recipes – Frank finds the strangest things.